My Own Maramellow Cake Recipe

26/08/2013 08:22

Today I decided to do a Maramellow cake! I just want to make sure that I made this recipe I did not copy it! This is a really easy recipe and I hope you enjoy it. 


1 cake mix, you can use either vinilla or chocolate

1 piping bag or zipe lock bag

1 bag of little maramellows

1 bag of big maramellows 

vinilla iceing


1. Bake your cake mix, make sure you make it round and tall.  2. With a knife cut the top off, make sure you take your time and don't cut yourself. Don't cut it all the way and don't cut a tiny bit off just cut it to were you can put the top back on.  3. Cut some cake out of the middle, you won't need this so you can eat it or do any thing with it.  4. Get a pot and put the stove on high, put the pot on the stove and poor the bag of little maramellows in. Stir the maramellows until they are all melted.  5. Once the maramellows are all melted you can pipe or poor in the melted maramellows into the middle of the cake.  6. Then with iceing put a little bit on the edges, the iceing will act as glue for the top.  7. Ice the cake then put the big maramellows all over it.

You are done hope you enjoy!