About me

My name is Jessica and I love to bake! One day I would like to open my own bakery. On this blog I will share my recipes and those of others, including their websites that show you how to make cakes, pies, cookies, salads, and lots more!  I hope you like the recipes that I put on my blog and please pass the word! Thank you and keep on cooking & baking!              

History of project

   Hi, I have been cooking since I was little and always loved to help my mum bake cakes and make yummy food. So, I thought it was time to create my own blog and share my cooking ideas with you. With the help of my Aunt my blog is now up and running with recipes that have an Australian flavour as well as those with a U.S. twist. I intend to post pictures and recipes of the food I love the best. So check out my blog whenever you're looking for something a little unique to cook for the family or something a little sweet sugar for yourself! Happy baking :)

Our users

 People who I like to talk about and go on there websites are: 







 I will find more and put them on so you can go and check them out!